Perspective Change And Something More

I’ve said it before.
Our walk with Jesus is a walk of continual perspective changes.
What do I mean by that?

I mean Jesus invites us to look at life every moment from a new perspective. We see defeat – he shows us hope. We see wounds – he offers healing. We see scars – he sees the beauty of a masterpiece being etched and chiseled. We see an angry man – Jesus sees a broken heart. We see perversion – Jesus sees a lonely child.

Perspective changes.
Look at the life and ministry of Jesus on this earth. It was a ministry of perspective change.

You say love your neighbor? Jesus says love your enemies.
You say the kingdom of heaven is like this temple? The kingdoms of heaven is like a treasure hidden in a field.
You say, don’t commit adultery. Jesus says if you even look at a woman with lust in your heart, you are guilty of adultery.
You say an eye for an eye? Jesus says if someone slaps you on the cheek, offer him the other as well.

Perspective changes.

Jesus is always calling. Calling us to come up higher. To see our stories the way he sees them. To see that brother or sister as he does. We have to gain a new perspective.
Perspective changes are good. Really good. But there is something more.

When Jesus was alone with his disciples he began asking them, Who do people say that I am? In other words – what is the perspective of the general population, concerning me?
Some say you are Elijah, some say John, some say one of the prophets….
Who do you say that I am?
At this moment Jesus is pulling – pulling and calling for something deeper. Something more than a perspective change: Revelation
Who do you say that I am?
Peter speaks up. You are the Messiah.

Bam! Revelation. And the moment that Peter speaks the revelation of who Jesus is, he receives his identity.

You are Peter. And upon this rock (this revelation – this foundation) I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” Whoa. Revelation.
We have to walk with Jesus. All the while the disciples had been with Jesus, and he was showing them a new world. Their perspectives were being continually changed by walking with him.
I love when Jesus gives me a change in perspective. On a scripture, on a person, on myself and my life. I love it.
But more. So much more. A revelation of himself. Here is life and freedom.

I was driving home alone and praying and crying out to Jesus. I began to speak his name. Quietly and brokenly at first. Then louder. And louder. As if I was screaming for someone in the next room. The more I called his name the more present He was with me and the more sure I was that He could hear me. I kept calling as a child continues to call a parent until they walk in the room. Then there He was. Back to a whisper. Oh Jesus. He was there with me – suddenly. Revelation. I felt light. I felt burdens lifted away. And every perspective change he had been bringing became wrapped up in a revelation of Who. He. Is. Life. Freedom. Unshakable. Joy. LOVE. Holy love. Thank you Jesus. Thank you.

Jesus disciples walked with Him and he taught them new perspectives. But it was all to get at something deeper. Revelation of who He is.
We have to walk with Him. Every day. Every moment. Down the hallway, to the car, in the kitchen. What does walking with Jesus look like in practice? It looks like this. I am starting to feel overwhelmed by the day before me and I know all of the opportunities for footholds that brings so I round the corner in my hallway and press my face into the wall and acknowledge His presence with me. I acknowledge my need for Him alone. I ask for strength and I get up and walk with Him.  Life with Jesus is a thousand moments in a day of acknowledging that He is with me, listening to His voice before I speak, before I make a plan, before I send a text message or write an email. And the freedom that comes with that – no one can take it away.

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